Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Video...Oshawa City Council is Undermining Canada's Basic Democratic Values, and I'm Mad as Hell! How about You?

Oshawa City Council is taking one of Canada's most basic values away from voters---the meaningful vote that determines Oshawa's political leadership.

Council refused to provide adequate public information about the ward/general vote issue before the plebiscite question and still refuses to provide public information about the change to the general vote.

Aren't voters entitled to know why the plebiscite question was asked when there was not one whimper of dissatisfaction expressed with ward voting?

Aren't voters entitled to know what was wrong with the ward system when it seemed to be working so well?

Aren't voters entitled to know the benefits council expects from the general vote?

Aren't voters entitled to be reminded of Oshawa's history with the general vote when all of council came from a few of the wealthier areas leaving most of Oshawa unrepresented?

Aren't voters entitled to know that all political change under Oshawa's general vote took place through death or resignation of members?

Aren't voters entitled to know that the general vote is virtually unused in Canada and is not used in any city as large as Oshawa without the use of political parties?

Aren't voters entitled to know all these things?

So why does council continue to deny us the information?

Council's actions hardly remind us of the way governments are supposed to act in Canada.

Why are they not providing the information. Are they trying to hide something? Do they have some hidden agenda? Are they afraid that people will discuss and analyze the change and discover that the politicians themselves are the greatest beneficiaries since the general vote will guarantee them a lifetime seat on the "gravy train" of city council.

So how do you feel Oshawa being taken for a patsy and a fool?

I for one am damn mad and am doing something about it. How about you?

The greatest danger to a democratic society is that voters become lethargic and sit back and do nothing...and then it's too late.

And I don't like council trying to take away the meaningful vote that our armed forces fought for in the great wars and many people are still fighting and laying down their lives for in many regions of the world.

Oshawa is blessed with large populations of Eastern European ancestry. Didn't their forebearers come to Canada to escape the very thing that Oshawa City Council is pulling on the people?

What council is trying to do is remove one of the most basic values of our society and our way of life...the meaningful vote which determines our political leadership.

I believe in the basic values of a Democratic Canada...don't you? And I'm doing something about that too! How about you?

The politicians have to hear your feelings and your attitudes about this change. You have to email the mayor and council and express your view.

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