Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mandate of Site

This blog will be "official voice" of VOTES. It will be active throughout the term of this council and will provide regular opinion and comment on it's proceedings, initially focussing on ward/general vote info. It's objective is to inform the public, mould public opinion, and organize voters to defeat politicians who continue to push for the general vote and thereby prove to be self serving.

This attempt by council to return to the general vote is indefensible by any rational person who believes in democratic representation, service to the people, and vibrant leadership.

By attempting to bring in a general vote which insures their political futures, Oshawa politicians are confusing their positions with the lifelong appointments of the rich and influential to the Canadian Senate. A general vote council is not the Oshawa Council that will serve Oshawa and all of its residents best. A general vote council is not a voting system that will produce a council representative of Oshawa people and all of its communities. A general vote council, like the Canadian Senate, is one that will quickly tire and stagnate without the introduction of new ideas accruing from some politician turnover.

I believe this blog will become a dominant news/opinion source on Oshawa Municipal politics and will have an rapidly escalating viewership.

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