Monday, January 29, 2007

Oshawa & Area Political Blogs

A number of "political" blogs have surfaced recently in response to issues and concerns in the area. Besides this blog,, which is a communication and information website that at present deals chiefly with Oshawa’s Ward/General Vote issue, we have earlier brought to your attention another blog at which deals with the same issue.

These efforts co-operate but are independent and not linked in any way. The blog is published by Bill Longworth, Chair and Founder of “Ward System Now”, the organization that worked over 5 years to bring the ward system to Oshawa in 1985. At that time, Mr. Longworth personally designed and presented the 21 day case including cross-examining city witnesses representing the politicians who wanted to preserve the General Voting system despite a plebiscite victory for the ward system. The plebiscite victory came after a 4 year campaign of almost daily stories in the local daily newspaper (since out of business) and local radio and TV media. The 21 day OMB case was the longest of its kind in Ontario history. At the time, Oshawa voters were exceedingly well informed about the issue, something that didn't happen this time as Oshawa politicians refused to act on my suggestion that information brochures be sent to all Oshawa residents.

Other important blogs that are available now are Clarington Watchdog which reports on items of Regional Interest and which deals with the issue of whether the Regional Chair should be appointed as at present or elected.

Links to all of these sites can be found on the sidebar to the right.

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