Thursday, April 26, 2007

New "outreach" communication strategy---NEW LINKS!

We have established a number of new links to sites of interest to Oshawa ratepayers.

All of these sites can be accessed and your comments freely posted for others to see. You can also easily invite all of your Oshawa friends, relations, and acquaintances to join to read your ideas.

I will be out of the country for a couple of months from mid June on and so I am introducing this new “public information” strategy to keep our momentum in my absence. I will “nurture” growth on the sites before my departure.

I want to increase "active' citizen involvement on this issue and thus this new communication strategy will transfer some responsibility to concerned Oshawa citizens to write their own opinions, ideas, and thoughts on any of the following sites.

Oshawa Speaks

Oshawa Votes


City of Oshawa


Preserve Oshawa’s Ward System

Oshawa City Hall

Oshawa Politics

Oshawa City Council

Oshawa Politicians

Sign up for a FREE account on and access any of the sites.

These sites have the ability to reach far more “Oshawa “faces and minds” than does the blog. It will have periodic posts though on my return to Oshawa in September and then onwards into the future.

New entries will be advertised on all of the facebook sites that we have.

Why not share your views with your fellow citizens at any of the sites listed and invite all of your friends to have a look.

The facebook sites will be active throughout this entire term of council and we invite you to be active in posting your thoughts.

The sites and the “giant” viewership that will grow on these sites will be very powerful tools in the next municipal election to inform Oshawa voters of the voting records, actions, and beliefs of council members---and hopefully swaying public opinion to engineer the defeat of those who support the self-serving general vote.

Politicians will not be able to hide behind the lack of a vibrant press in this city.

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