Thursday, February 15, 2007

Marimpietri Unduly Influenced by "Gang of Four"

From the votes recorded at the last council meeting regarding limiting public input and limiting information to the public so that they are reasonably informed about the ward/general vote issue, it is apparent that young councillor, Tito Dante Marimpietri, has come under the negative influence of the "Gang of Four" and thus is close to being targeted for defeat in the next election.

The only thing that saved him so far...his vote to hear VOTES chair Bill Longworth at the Feb. 5, 2007 council of his few positive votes regarding this issue so far.

At that meeting, Council tried to pull another "fast one" by "sneaking" in a staff report that suggested that Council could avoid an OMB appeal if they supported a move to the General Vote but at the same time kept the existing wards, a strategy they adopted later in the meeting.

This report became public after City Hall closed on Friday, February 2, and any request to speak in opposition to that report would have had to have been received by the city clerk by the previous Wednesday, January 31. Such are the "FAST-ONE TRICKS" being used by City Council to PULL THE WOOL OVER OUR EYES and SNEAK things in without public comment.

Realizing the unfairness of this undemocratic strategy, Councillor Nicholson made a presentation to Council quoting the timelines that made opposition comments impossible and so Councillor Neal moved, seconded by Councillor Nicholson, "That a delegation from Bill Longworth be heard." This was supported by Councillors Nicholson, Sholdra, Cullen, Lutczyk, Marimpietri, Neal, and Mayor Gray. The "Gang of Four", Councillors Parkes, Pidwerbecki, Kolodzie, and Henry were opposed...naturally!

Mr. Longworth made his presentation, the text of which appears in the February 6th post on this site, and we are working on posting the TV coverage of his presentation on this site.

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