Monday, March 26, 2007

Councillor Piddleweepuddle Video

This is, of course...of course...of course...a fictional dramatization of the yesterday's post that tries to explain how and why the idea of returning to the general vote arose in Oshawa.

While the rationale quoted seems to be from outer space, they were the actual arguments used to raise the issue and the rationale given for carrying it forward.

All of the facts and ideas spouted by the chief architect and proponent of the idea were dead wrong and believable or factually correct reasons for the introduction have yet to be given. Nor has any rationale for how Oshawa might benefit from the general vote been offered. This, of course, is because a return to the general vote is completely indefensible by any sensible person and cannot be justified in any way.

The general vote makes a mockery of representative democracy. General Vote Politicians come to represent only a miniscule segment of the population (the rich and influential) who are resident of a few "upper scale" neighbourhoods in the city.

In addition, name recognition becomes the only criteria for political success...not service to the community.

Because politicians are virtually guaranteed their council seat until their death or resignation, they become less accountable to the people.

Because General Vote politicians are all competitors for the same city-wide vote, the council becomes unproductive as politicians jocky for press by name calling, backbiting, bitching, and grandstanding. They refuse to support even brilliant ideas arising from their fellow councillors who are all competing for the same city wide vote lest their competitors reap some good press.

The General Vote becomes a disaster for a progressive city.

We are left then to ponder the hidden agenda of council members who supported and are supporting the change.

We are particularly alarmed by those politicians who have publicly stated that they are going to vote contrary to what they know to be best for Oshawa simply to uphold the plebiscite result that resulted from a "secret" and "trick" question that council gerrymandered to achieve the result they wanted.

Since the general vote cannot be supported by any rational arguments, is it possible that it is desired by the politicians simply because it virtually guarantees them a lifetime council seat? The answer...a definite "YES".

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