Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Video...Bill Longworth explains politician's strategy to avoid an OMB appeal re Oshawa's change to the general vote

Oshawa City Council has adapted a motion to change to the general vote for the election of city council members but to keep the existing wards simply as a way to try to avoid an OMB appeal to have the OMB take a sober second look at whether the general vote is advisable and beneficial for Oshawa.

If council thought they had a winnable case for the OMB, they would not resist an appeal to support their decision for the people of Oshawa particularly in light of the controversy and debate sparked by the change.

They know, however, that a change to the general vote is indefensible.

By taking this tact solely to avoid an OMB appeal, they raise serious questions among the voters about the change to the general vote...and why the politicians want it.

If they thought they were doing the right thing for Oshawa, wouldn't they savour a look by the independent snd objective OMB to confirm for the people that they are doing what is best for Oshawa? You bet they would!

It's hard, however, for the politicians to take this to the OMB when they are the only beneficiaries of the change.

The political system should serve the people, not the politicians!

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