Sunday, March 4, 2007

Stealing the Silverware!

Now how would you feel? You invite someone to dinner and they steal the silverware?

You invite them because you like them, want to be with them, find them interesting, whatever. In any case they are there because you “support them” and you expect them to reward you at least with their loyalty and friendship. You would never expect these “guests” to disregard your best interests, would you?

So isn’t that why you elected your ward politician? You entrusted him/her with your vote which helped get them elected, and what do they do?

They steal from you the very essence of democracy--the right and ability to select a personal representative to voice your concerns at the decision table.

Those who are presently voting to reject ward voting in favor of the general vote, Councillors Pidwerbecki, Kolodzie, Parkes, Henry, Sholdra, Marimpietri, and Mayor Gray, by their vote to support the general vote are denying you a ward representative who is accountable to you as your community’s personal voice on council

They are stealing a basic value of the democratic menu from you so that the unique needs of your neighborhood can not and will not be heard.

They are yanking your democratic right to guarantee a community voice. They are yanking the idea of a politician specially chosen by your community to steer your community or private concern through the bureaucracy. They are yanking a voice chosen by you to articulate the needs and aspirations of your community to the City Hall decision makers. They are yanking “the ear” who listens to your community. They are yanking “the eye” that is in the community every day seeing what has to be done to make your neighbourhood a better place. They are yanking the expert on your community who advises and convinces the others of your needs. They are yanking political accountability to the voters of this city...because all of that will go with the elimination of the ward system. They have betrayed your trust.

This is your reward for the trust you placed in them with your vote.

You have invited them to dinner…and they have stolen you blind.

They are furnishing their own “self-serving” interests at your expense.

They have betrayed your trust…and that is your reward!

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